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Global Strategy for Livelihoods: A UNHCR Strategy 2014-2018

By: UNHCR Livelihoods



Global Strategy for Livelihoods: A UNHCR Strategy 2014-2018 PDF 

This Livelihoods Strategy reflects UNHCR’s renewed commitment to helping refugees work towards self-reliance. and shelter, with which it shares a common structure.

The purpose of this Strategy is threefold. First, it serves as a position paper on why UNHCR implements livelihoods programming: to decrease dependency and increase self-reliance for people of concern and host communities. The Strategy aims to increase understanding of why UNHCR is seeking innovative ways to link refugees to markets and scale up livelihoods programming. Second, the Strategy informs a global view of how UNHCR will implement livelihoods programs, providing general lines on what types of market-oriented activities will be supported. Thirdly, it guides the development of national and local livelihoods
strategies. National and local field offices should use this Strategy as a foundation document to help them develop livelihoods programming specific to their context. The Livelihoods Unit will support national and local strategy development, with exceptional support to priority countries. It is addressed to protection and programme staff within UNHCR, partner organizations, host governments, donor organizations, and public and private entities with a stake in the economic and social well-being of displaced populations and host communities.

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