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A Way to Overcome Poverty and Disability

By: UNHCR Ecuador



Arriving in Ecuador, Jimmy was not aware of the rights he had until he started participating in UNHCR’s Graduation Program in Santo Domingo. By providing Jimmy with the capacity to buy food and pay rent, Jimmy was able to find work again. He now makes his own revenue by cleaning and repairing shoes and has the opportunity to enjoy his time with friends and play basketball.

Colombian refugees in Ecuador, like Jimmy, are rebuilding lives thanks to an innovative program to reduce poverty. UNHCR’s poverty alleviation program Graduation Model includes cash transfers, financial and vocational training and continuous support to some 1,500 refugee and asylum seekers families. Ecuador host the largest refugee population in Latin America. Since 1989, Ecuador has taken in 60,000 refugees.

It makes me a peaceful man

Jimmy, Santo Domingo, Ecuador